Letter from the Administrator

Dear Neighbors and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center:

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of taking care of you or your loved one. Please know that I appreciate you and want you to be happy with the service that we provide. I hope you will let us know if we are coming up short. My door is open to you.

This month we are welcoming a new Director of Nursing. Greg Persinger was our Director for 2 years and 4 months, but he got an offer close to his home that he could not refuse. As of the writing of this letter I don’t know who the new Director of Nursing will be, but we have several great candidates! We will post more information in the next newsletter. In the meantime our fantastic Assistant Directors of Nursing, Katie and Melissa, will keep things going smoothly!

This month I will attend the annual NM Health Care Association’s conference. We have three employees who are nominated for awards – Katie Adrian, ADON; Vera Bolger, C.N.A./Mentor; and, Silvia Marquez, Housekeeper. I am proud to belong to such a great team of caregivers!

Again, thank you for the trust that you place in us, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Sharon Inoue’

Administrator since January 2016

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