Success Stories

Jennie D. retired from Christus St. Vincent Hospital after decades of service. One of the things she enjoyed in her retirement was visiting with her children and grandchildren. While visiting her grandson she fell and fractured her femur. After surgery Jennie chose Santa Fe Care Center for her physical therapy and rehab.

Jennie commented on her stay at SFCC, “From the moment I entered your facility I was greeted with lots of smiles and lots of care…I especially want to thank the Physical Therapy Team for the treatment I received from each of you. From day one you were all so patient with me and treated me with so much attention…Today I am home recovering, because of what your special PT Team did for me. You all gave me back the chance to be able to walk again with very little discomfort.”

Jennie concluded, “Thanks to God there are people like all of you that still care about your patients. You all show what a loving spirit and a loving heart you have for your work. Today I am feeling totally blessed by all of you!”

– Jennie D.

Alex came to Santa Fe Care Center with a severe infection in his back, which required IV antibiotics. The pain from the infection left him unable to sit up, stand, or walk. Alex says, “I had just turned 47 while I was in the hospital, and was very depressed to be in such bad shape physically and emotionally. I was extremely nervous about going to a nursing home, but once I got to Santa Fe Care Center I soon overcame my fears.”

Alex explains, “The nurses and CNA’s treated me with dignity and kindness which made me feel safe. This allowed me to heal emotionally. The nursing and therapy staff coordinated to manage my pain so that I could work to regain my mobility. As I made progress my outlook on life improved to where now I want to stay healthy so I can help others.”

After seven weeks of therapy and care, Alex was able to walk out of Santa Fe Care Center with regained health and a new outlook on life. The staff at Santa Fe Care Center whishes him the best.

– Alex S.

Peter S. arrived at Santa Fe Care Center very sick, weak and partially paralyzed. He needed help with almost all day to day activities. Peter commented, “The CNA’s and Nurses have been so kind and patient with me. Thanks to their help I have renewed health and greater independence. The professionalism of the Physical and Occupational Therapy staff has been the other half of the team that has facilitated my recovery. I now have almost complete use of my left arm and both legs again.” Peter went on to say, “All in all, I call it a five month miracle!”

The entire staff at Santa Fe Care Center has enjoyed having Peter with us. We are also happy to report that during his stay he received the good news that his lung cancer is in remission!

– Peter S.