Success Story: Mr. Paco

Sometimes, success stories take two tries! That is what happened for Mr. Paco. Mr. Paco, began his first stay several months ago. He made progress which was interrupted. The second go round of therapy continued where Mr. Paco left off and progressed him to the point he returned home with his family! He told us… Read More

We Would Like to Welcome Our New Activities Director

Hello, my name is Krystal Martinez. I am very excited to have been welcomed so kindly by the Santa Fe Care team and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the team. I am originally from Taos N.M. although I reside in Albuquerque N.M. I am a big fan of watching live performances…. Read More

Giving Thanks for Being a Caregiver

Balancing work, home and private life with the demands of being a caregiver can be frustrating. Just when you may find a good balance, the demands of your elderly parent might change and you are again pulled back into that stressful situation. How can you offset the worry, the anxiety, the anger and the resentment?… Read More

World Kindness Day is November 13

Kindness is a generosity of spirit. It comes to life when we give of ourselves and our time to be of help to others, without expecting anything in return. When you show kindness to somebody you bring out the best in yourself, and a side-effect of brightening up somebody else’s day is to feel happier… Read More

Letter from the Administrator

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Family Members, Thank you for allowing us to provide your care or the care of your loved-one. It is our privilege to do so, and I am very grateful! November is the month for giving thanks for our blessings. I am very grateful to be part of a community of caring… Read More