Aging and Oral Health Basics

March 14, 2019 — As people age, there is a need to exert more effort in order to preserve those wonderful teeth for a lifetime. Every day we are confronted with lots of food and beverages to choose from that can be damaging to oral health, and there are medications as well that could pose damages to teeth surface... Read More

The Life Songs Group

March 14, 2019 — The Life Songs group comes to our Center twice a month for a very special spiritual meeting with discussion and song. The group leader, Nathan, plays guitar and drums and leads a very interactive meeting on Tuesday afternoons.

Success Story

March 14, 2019 — Mr. G was admitted to Santa Fe Care after a fall from his home. Although he was fairly mobile upon admission, he was weak, fatigued easily, and could only walk about 10 feet. He progressed quickly in therapy, coming to the gym using the omnicycle and nustep, completing standing tasks, as well as money and... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

March 14, 2019 — Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center, This month is National Social Work Month, and I would like to say “Thank You” to Petra and John for doing such a great job for us! Also, there are a couple of events this month that you should know about. First, we will... Read More

Happy Birthday!

March 14, 2019 — Residents Ernestine C. Anita S. Grace O. Josephine Y. Richard R. Sarafina Q. Linda F. Erin M. Florentina B. Rosa M. Maria M. Anita K. Jennie M. Staff Mateo Apodaca Juan Caraveo Tony Mora Steven Pacheco Vickie Sands Nohemi Torres

Welcome Tracy Serrano, Admissions Director!

February 6, 2019 — Tracy is from Alcalde, New Mexico and was born and raised in the beautiful Espanola Valley. She has been married to her husband for 28 years and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Tracy says, “I find it rewarding to work with the elderly. I have worked as Admissions & Marketing for 20 years in... Read More

Success Story

February 6, 2019 — Mr. Jack W. This gentleman is a true success story for therapy. Mr. W. had been living at home in his apartment, able to complete his activities of living, walking, cooking… a little. A turn of unfortunate events, placed Mr. W. ultimately at Santa Fe Care Center for nursing and rehabilitation. Upon admission, Mr. W.,... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

February 6, 2019 — Dear Residents, Family Members and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center, Happy New Year, and Happy Valentine’s Day too! As always, thank you for trusting us with your care, or the care of a loved one. It is our desire to provide great care to you. Your feedback on our services is always welcome. I... Read More

National Heart Health Month: Know Your Heart Health

February 6, 2019 — We all know that keeping up with our heart health is important. We also know that there are a wide variety of factors that cause heart problems, and there are some basic ways to help protect the health of our hearts. What many people do not realize, however, is that key to their heart health... Read More