Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

What makes January 1st such a special time to make a change in our lives, and why can it be so difficult to maintain that change?

  • There are a number of key reasons that apply to some, if not all, of the broken resolutions.
  • We are not being realistic when we make the commitment.
  • Everyone breaks New Year’s Resolutions, so why shouldn’t we?
  • January is wet, miserable and cold (or hot and sunny depending on where you live) and the weather can affect our mood and desire to achieve.
  • The friends we tell our resolutions to on New Year’s either can’t remember or are too busy breaking their own resolutions to help motivate us.

So how can we make changes that are lasting in our lives? Here are a few positive steps we can all take to help us make permanent changes:

  • Choose a day and time in the very near future and make that your ‘change my life plan’ day – don’t wait for New Year’s.
  • Tell as many people as you can about your plan and tell them you want to stick to it. It is much easier keeping a commitment you have made to others than just to yourself.
  • Set your goal or plan in achievable, measurable steps – try and change the world in a day and you are destined to fail!
  • Choose a ‘looking forward’ plan where you focus on what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid.

As we head towards the New Year, let’s enjoy the celebrations and make lasting change in our lives!

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