Holiday Ornament Crafts

Whimsical Light Bulb Reindeer

You will need:

  • One used light bulb
  • Brown felt cloth or fun foam
  • Acrylic paints and brushes
  • Ribbon
  • 1 small red pom-pom
  • Glue

First, paint the light bulb brown. Set aside and let dry. Once the brown paint on the light bulb has dried completely, use a paint brush to paint eyes and a mouth on your reindeer. When the paint has dried, begin to glue the red pom-pom nose onto the end of the light bulb, just above the mouth. Next, use the brown cloth or foam to fashion a pair of antlers for your reindeer. Glue these to the side of the light bulb. Finally, cut a small piece ribbon, loop and tie into a knot, and glue it to the top of your reindeer light bulb ornament.

Greeting Card Ornaments

Cut out your favorite Christmas card images and mount them onto wooden craft shapes with glue. For an older finish, varnish them, drill a small hole at the top, and then tie ribbons at the tops. You can also cut out your favorite images from cards, laminate them, punch a hole at the top, and use a piece of ribbon as the hanger. If you don’t want to cut anything out, an even simpler approach is to glue the front and back of the card together. Punch a hole at the top of the card, loop a piece of ribbon and it’s ready to hang.

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