Success Stories – April 2019

This month therapy would like to dedicate this little space to not just one resident but several residents who enter into Santa Fe Care Center with the same symptoms, deconditioned and weak, poor appetite and lots of pain, nervous and wanting to stay in the room. The residents came to therapy every day and participated, even though it was fatiguing. Progress and gains eventually were noticed, appetite increased, and social interaction increased. Some of the residents went back home independently, some with family, some stayed. Regardless of where the discharge was, the fact remains that progress was made. This was not therapy alone. These success stories are success stories because all the departments work together and encourage all our residents. The CNAs help therapy to make sure the residents are up and ready for therapy, they carryover recommendations and make suggestions to therapy. Nursing ensures the pain is managed and care is given. Restorative Nursing assists to carryover, especially with food intake, without proper intake, ability to activity participate in therapy decreases. Activities has many activities for the residents when they are not in therapy. They are fun and lively, with parties, movies and music to lift the spirits which is also needed for progress in therapy. Housekeeping keeps the rooms and laundry clean and organized and when a resident may not have any clothes because of extenuating circumstances, they always find something clean and well-fitting for the resident to wear. Maintenance makes sure the rooms are warm and toasty or cool and comfortable, they make sure therapy has what we need and it works. From the administrator to the director of nursing, to the wound nurse, the scheduler, and the human sources, admissions, medical records, the business office, dietary, everyone has a part that impacts therapy that impacts the resident. The residents’ families also play a huge part and support for the residents and do impact progress. Santa Fe Care Center is absolutely a team approach, we depend on each other, and that is proven as so many of the residents who are admitted to this facility progress in therapy and overall health, ending up living more independent lives. So here is to the past successes and all of the ones in the future; and to the power of a team!

Jennifer Reushlein – Therapy Director

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