Short-Term Therapy Success Story

Ms. Tomi stayed at Santa Fe Care Center for about a month. She said her first thoughts of the facility and her stay were, “Well this is interesting!” She said initially, she felt a little ‘hopeless and frustrated’. Tomi stated “I wasn’t walking. 50 days in a hospital had robbed me of my mobility. I was pretty down about it, frustrated. However, she said, with sleep and hard work, she ‘got better’. Tomi said, “Jackie and Cate, they made me work (in therapy) and that’s what I needed; and the aides have been kind to me.”

She went from wheelchair-bound and needing assistance to walking all over the facility and being independent. Tomi says she has “a little in trepidation” about returning home, yet she is looking forward to seeing her cat and dog! Well Tomi, Merry Christmas as you will be home in time for the holidays!

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