Success Story

Mr. Jack W. This gentleman is a true success story for therapy. Mr. W. had been living at home in his apartment, able to complete his activities of living, walking, cooking… a little. A turn of unfortunate events, placed Mr. W. ultimately at Santa Fe Care Center for nursing and rehabilitation. Upon admission, Mr. W., fatigued so easily. He did not walk, dress himself, or complete other activities of daily living. Through a combination of nursing services, intense therapeutic interventions, and Mr. W.’s high motivation, Mr. W. is now, walking around this facility, completing all his needs independently, and is telling his wonderful and very interesting life stories. He worked so hard to accomplish his goals and the Therapy Department thoroughly enjoyed, laughed, and put Mr. W. through the paces that he needs to go home. Thank you Mr. W. for your stories, smiles, and shining blue eyes. We are happy you have gained back your independence and please come back and visit when you go home!

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