Letter from the Administrator

Dear Residents, Families and Friends of Santa Fe Care Center:

Here we are in the middle of the year – July already! Our biggest celebration this month is July 4th – Independence Day. This is a great time to reflect on the meaning of “freedom,” and what it means for our community. Our job is to give our residents as much freedom of choice as we can. We strive to always say “yes” to your requests and to accommodate your desires. I would like to acknowledge Elton Abeyta, C.N.A. of the Year for 2018. Elton has been a C.N.A. for over ten years here, and recently also started driving the van. He has been willing to work on weekends to drive and he also talked to some C.N.A. recruits for us to help fill some open C.N.A. positions. Elton is a natural leader and has a great attitude and caring manner with everyone. I really appreciate Elton’s commitment to our residents. Please know that I welcome your input regarding our services, and my door is always open to you. Thank you for letting us care for you or your loved one.


Sharon Inoue’

Administrator since January 2016

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