Letter from the Administrator

Dear Neighbors, Friends and Families of Santa Fe Care Center:

Happy New Year! Here we are in the year 2020! Just the name sounds great! May you all be blessed in this year! I thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing Santa Fe Care Center to provide your needed care.

I am happy to report that the use of walkie-talkies with the staff has really improved our care efforts. The call lights are being answered faster than ever! And everyone appreciates the idea that they can call for assistance at any time. Also, the Dietary Staff are doing a great job with the meal delivery! Thanks to everyone who has participated with these changes!

The building continues to be improved. We are looking forward to having all the flooring completed and getting a face lift for the Dining Room soon! Thanks to our owners at Diamond Care for all the upgrades!

Again, thank you for allowing us the privilege of providing the care that you or your loved-one needs. I appreciate your feedback – it helps us to improve! So please comment or visit me anytime. My door is always open to you!

Sharon Inoue’
Administrator since January 2016

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