Letter from the Administrator

Dear Neighbors, Friends, and Families of Santa Fe Care Center:

Happy Holidays! Thank you very much for trusting us with your care or the care of your loved one!

This year “Santa” will visit with gifts on Christmas morning. You are all invited to attend and have some treats with Santa. We will have a Holiday party on Friday, December 20. Please join us in the afternoon for some entertainment and great food! Gifts will be passed out on 12/25 in the morning – not at the party on 12/20.

In order to accommodate more residents on the skilled hallway, we have set up some temporary office buildings behind the laundry. Medical Records, MDS, Activities, and the ADON will be housed there until we can construct a permanent office structure. Thanks to everyone for working with us to improve our capacity. Debra Vigil, Director of Nursing, will be relocated to the front office area. The Wound Care Nurse Manager, Melissa Murphy, will be in the office near the Nurses’ Station with Human Resources.

Thank you for your patience during our remodeling efforts. All the floors that are past the front lobby will be updated, and the carpet will be gone! We will also be receiving some new furniture and the shower room will be upgraded as well.

As always, my door is open to you. Your feedback and comments are helpful to me.


Sharon Inoue’
Administrator since January 2016

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